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What is an engagement act? Husserl and Reinach on ‘Subject of the Superior Level’ (We) and (Non) Social Acts.

Petar Bojanić


My intention is to describe one kind of “social act” that I have called “engaged act” (and which should be different from “joint commitment” although the English ‘commitment’ is often translated into German or French as engagement). I wish to uncover and demarcate these engaged acts in Husserl’s endeavor to define and de facto establish social acts as such. My parallel tasks would be: to show the importance of social acts in the construction of some kind of new entities, which it is always problematic to name; to distinguish social acts as clearly as possible from empathy; to name some social acts “engaged acts” thus alleviating and clarifying Husserl’s efforts in the course of determining social acts; and to re-evaluate Adolf Reinach’s contribution to defining social acts in comparison with Husserl.

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