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Dio non “esiste” ma “avviene”. Un punto d’incontro (medievale) fra filosofia analitica e teologia continentale

Giovanni Ventimiglia


This paper deals with the philosophical, theological and, more in general, religious issue of God as Being itself. First, I briefly explain the classical Thomistic doctrine of God as “Ipsum esse subsistens”. Then, I explain and analyse the reasons why both Heideggerian continental philosophy and Fregean analytic philosophy disagree with this classical doctrine. Finally, I put forward an alternative approach that allows us to take seriously both the Heideggerian and the Fregean philosophical traditions without dismissing, but rather by developing the Thomistic notion of existence as act of being.


God; Being; Existence; Act; Act of Being; Event; Thomas Aquinas; Thomism; analytical Thomism;

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