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Corpus, Love, Sexistence: criticism of tactile reason and haptic ontology starting from the “philosophy of the body” by Jean-Luc Nancy.

Francesca R. Recchia Luciani


The recent global experience of the pandemic that has imposed the physical “distancing” and the taboo of the contact as a vehicle of contagion forces contemporary  philosophy  to  question  itself  on  a  new  centrality  of  the  body starting from the reflections of Jean-Luc Nancy, who thought of the corpore-ality as a relationship between others bodies / bodies of others and the community as the “being with” of bodies in relation. From Corpus to Sessistence, the ontological core of Nancy’s thought implants community on the “singular plural” body and identifies touch as the sense of “in-common” and of “being with”. In this essay, a critique of tactile reason intends to relaunch Nancy’s haptic and corporeal ontology through a dialogue with the trans-feminist and queer  approach  that  considers  too  the  body  and  sex  (as  action  of  interconnection) as places of self-determination and transformative liberation of the plural singularities that we all are.


body; love; sexistence; philosophy of the body; Jean-Luc Nancy

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