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The earthly custody of the body. On corporeality in Martin Heidegger’s thought of the event

Virgilio Cesarone


The contribution will try to take into account the perspective shift which occurred in Martin Heidegger’s thought in relation to the comprehensive access to the body, which took place in the passage from a horizontal-transcendental perspective to one marked by the encounter between the projection of Dasein and the jet of Being. The key to unlocking this new understanding is the concept of earth, which Heidegger develops, in the first instance, in his essay about The Origin of the Work of Art. The earth, in its contrast with the world, remains that ground, never completely accessible, that preserves and safeguards an hidden truth. The analysis of passages from the Contributions to Philosophy and some pages of the Nietzsche lectures will confirm the proposed reading: the body, beyond any attempt to make it fully measurable and exploitable, remains inscrutable on the ground of feeling like a body, which must be allocated in the Dasein. This will lead Heidegger to connect the corporeality of being with the giving of space, that is, with the giving of the Lichtung of the truth of being.


Body; Hearth; Art; Truth; Event

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