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Trust Challenge and Critical Translatability. Notes for an Ethics of Translation

Alicia M. de Mingo Rodríguez


The trust placed in translation, which is fundamental to its effectiveness, and which must deny, but at the same time it can justify the famous expression “Traduttore, traditore”, that trust finds decisive support in the ethics of the “obedient” translator, that plays “second fiddle” (to the author), and in the requirement of transparency and fluency in translation; all this often contributes to the invisibility of the translator and of the inner process of translation’s truth. Demand for efficiency causes the challenge of interlingual and intercultural mediation effort of translation to be trivialized, challenge in which respect for the Other and his alterity is decisive. In this way, translation offers a suitable model for thinking about a cross-disciplinary and active universality in the horizon of possibilities of a critical translatability.


Trust; Critical Translatability; Transparency; Alterity; Ethics; Universality



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